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About Togliatti conservatory | Печать |

The Togliatti conservatory is the center of integration of art education, culture and science, nucleus of functioning art of Togliatti – the city with almost 1 million population, nearby areas and all Samara region.

The Togliatti conservatory headed by the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, the candidate of art study professor E.N. Prasolov, is a creative community of the professors, teachers and students seeing their purpose in realization of the major problem of increase of competitiveness of graduates and meeting the needs of the society in a new type of the specialist who is able to solve contemporary problems of scientific and cultural progress. The conservatory carries out educational, scientific and research activity, creative and performing activities (including international) on all education levels: initial (school), special secondary education (college) with the integrated implementation of all types of programs on unified educational and productive base, and also the higher and postgraduate education on many specialties of culture and art.

Today the conservatory possesses traditions, knowledge and experience, providing integration of domestic training programs into world educational space. Positive dynamics of the development of the conservatory is defined by high level of general scientific and special training of graduates, the stable contingent of students, high professional, scientific and methodical potential of the conservatory staff. The teachers of the conservatory take part in regional and international competitions as members and chairmen of a jury, make reports at scientific and practical conferences of leading musical higher education institutions of Russia and CIS countries. Such activity gives the chance to the conservatory professors to be in a course of modern advanced pedagogical thought, new concepts and theoretical representations which receive practical confirmation in progressive pedagogical activity of the conservatory.

Active concert and performing involvement, work at advanced training courses, methodical seminars, lectures, participation in master-classes of authoritative musicians from leading higher education institutions of Russia, methodical discussions at chair meetings synthesize the results of the researches in the field of musical pedagogics, summarize methodical innovations of teachers of the Togliatti conservatory and refract in scientific and methodical works, programs, recommendations, dissertations, manuals, collections of methodical articles of teachers of the various chairs intended for wide use in the course of studying of  the theoretical courses of performing art, musical pedagogics, pedagogical practice.

The staff of the Togliatti conservatory is proud of the achievements in the field of concert and performing, musical and educational activity (over 200 concerts a year), and this is one of the main indicators of the professional level of modern performing musicians.

During the concert season several musical festivals are conducted in which creative groups of the conservatory take part, among them – the symphony orchestra, the orchestra of folk instruments, the ensemble of  folk music "Artel", a wind band, the ensemble of the ancient music "Baroque", musical theater "Orpheus", chamber, vocal and choreographic ensembles. Annually creative collectives go abroad to take part in the international festivals, including "Eurorchestries" in France , Days of Togliatti  in Paris, Bulgaria, etc. These performances were highly appreciated by the organizers and the jury of the festivals, and the general public as well. For great professional skills the symphony orchestra of the conservatory was awarded the title of the laureate of the “Eurorchestries” festival, received the Grand Prix and an honorary diploma for the best execution of modern music. Creative staff of the conservatory is a bright and an integral part of cultural life of Togliatti.

The special pride of the conservatory are more than 300 names of winners of prestigious international performing competitions, many of them are included in the Gold book of the province, some of them are awarded  grants of the mayor, the governor and the President the Russian Federation.

Today the Togliatti conservatory continues to improve educational process thanks to involvement of highly skilled experts, and also wide introduction of innovative and computer technologies. The conservatory signed contracts on cooperation with higher educational institutions: The Moscow state conservatory of P.I.Chaykovsky, the St. Petersburg state conservatory of N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov, Magnitogorsk state conservatory of M.I.Glinka, the Russian academy of music of Gnessins, etc.

Nowadays takes place a further strengthening and expansion of structure of the Togliatti conservatory and its transformation into complete scientific and educational system, opening of new specialties and specializations, increase of productivity of scientific researches, commissioning of new educational buildings and other positive indicators of educational and scientific activity.

One of the most important directions of the creative life of the Togliatti conservatory is the organization and carrying out of annual International competition of young performers which is very popular in musical circles due to a wide representation of participants and authoritative jury.

These competitions give the chance to the competitors to master their professional skill, to check level and quality of the performing skills, in the course of competitive communication creative relations are established and extend. Annually more than 100 pupils and students of musical educational institutions of Russia and other countries become participants of the Togliatti international competition.

There were held 16 competitions (piano, string, wind, folk instruments, academic solo singing) in which about 1500 young musicians from many countries of the world (the USA, Japan, France, Italy, Greece, Holland, China), from all CIS countries and regions of Russia took part.

Many famous musicians, Honoured Artists, National Artists, professors of the leading educational institutions of Russia and abroad take part in the work of the jury, among them are S. Kravchenko, Yu. Vorontsov, V. Igolinsky, A. Korneev, Yu. Slesarev, M. Imkhanitsky, L. Tamulevich, N. Komolyatov, V. Filchev. S. Belza, I. Fridman, V. Besfamilnov, Z. Sotkilava and many others. The Togliatti international competition of young performers is a part of musical life not only of our city, but all the country as well.

Updating and improving its activity, the conservatory successfully carries out the main objectives – preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of art and development of musical and artistic infrastructure of the city and the region.

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